Each TMS piece is exclusively crafted ONLY from sterling silver (92.5%). To keep your jewelry looking beautiful & long lasting, it is essential to follow the below care rules.


#1 Do avoid direct contact with any chemicals like perfume, lotion, cosmetic products and etc. that may cause damage to your jewelry.

  • We recommend removing jewelry before applying any chemicals on your skin. Your jewelry should be the last thing to wear on in your everyday morning routine.

#2 Do remove your jewelry prior to bathing, sleeping or any physical activities for best maintenance. 

#3 Do not leave your jewelry on moist open air surfaces.

  • We recommend to store your jewelry in the tarnish resistant jewelry box provided.

#4 Do handle jewelry with care & avoid knocking against hard surfaces for best maintenance.


Oxidation on silver jewelry is not considered a defect, it is a normal wear and tear circumstance.

#1 Do use the silver polishing cloth provided to remove the oxide layer (dark particles) that may form on top of the jewelry in order to restore the shine. 

** Silver polishing cloth can ONLY be used to remove oxide layer, but NOT scratches.

** Be sure to rub GENTLY on rose gold plated jewelry as the plating could be rubbed off due to harsh rubbing.