Engraving Service

Q1. Is engraving service FREE or CHARGED ?

  • FREE 

- Add to cart ONCE for ONE item.
- Add to cart TWICE for TWO items.
- Add to cart THRICE for THREE items & etc.

Q2. What is the word count limitations ?

  • Default 8 alphabets maximum (depends on design ; please drop your enquiry with us for confirmation via www.wasap.my/+601121111688)

Q3. Can choose own ideal font ?

  • Only 1 default font will be used for engraving.

Q4. Can proceed with size exchange after engraving done on the ring ?

  • Size exchange STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED for engraved ring. 

Q5. All jewelries can be engraved ?

IMPORTANT NOTE for engraving service

All engraved items are STRICTLY non-exchangable, non-returnable & non-refundable.